Keith Haring. Radiant Vision

Continuing the exhibition line dedicated to America and Pop Art and inaugurated with the exhibition Roy Lichtenstein. Variazioni Pop, the exhibition Keith Haring. Radiant Vision. will open at Palazzo Tarasconi in autumn.

Over 130 works by the most famous pop artist of the 1980s, from a private collection, including lithographs, serigraphs, drawings on paper and posters. The works illustrate the entire span of Haring’s short but prolific career, examining different aspects of the artist’s life and output, including subway drawings and Street Art, exhibitions in some of New York’s most famous galleries, the Pop Shop, and his commercial work.

The exhibition project aims to be a tribute to the artist, a passionate supporter of social justice, who has always dedicated himself to young people from all over the world, supporting their health and their rights and at the same time their creative development.

During his short career, Keith Haring (1958-1990) rewrote the rules of contemporary art, integrating the seemingly discreet arenas of downtown New York’s gritty counterculture and those of the uptown artistic aristocracy.

Haring’s style is unmistakable in every aspect of his production: paintings, prints, posters, drawings, sculptures and Street Art. He made himself known through his art, fighting in defence of civil rights and against discrimination. Despite the deep meaning of his works, many lack an explanation and above all are nameless, in order to grant the public an active role in the creation of the work, in step with the artist himself.

The Artistic and Production Direction is entrusted to WeAreBeside.

The exhibition Keith Haring. Radiant Vision is a travelling project possible thanks to Pan Art Connections.

From September 17th 2023 to February 4th 2024



We look forward to seeing you for our next Keith Haring exhibition from September 17th!